Journalism and Lit Circles?

As I was perusing my Google Reader this evening, I came across this blog on twenty journalism novels…”Oh,” I thought (I know…not the most intellectually sounding response, but it is a Friday evening and the temp is still near a 100 degrees and we have not had any rain in days…yes, I am beginning to digress…).

According to this blog post, though, hosted by our yearbook publisher Walsworth, these twenty novels can be purchased for less than $100.  Again…”Oh.”

Despite the great heat and my being so tired, even my brain knows that this sounds like a grand deal, one that definitely needs to be run by the principal himself.

Please check out this list and tell me what you think…how would you utilize novels in a journalism class?

Here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Create a podcast on the book.  Maybe submit to SchoolTube?
  2. Discuss book in a lit circle (these we use in our English classrooms, so the students would be familiar with this method.)
  3. Great “filler” when all the computers are in use.

As I scan back over this list of novels, I note that some of them were published nearly 100 years ago, several are about women, and did I already share with you that this list of novels may be purchased for less than $100?

Cool…yes, cool, despite this heat/drought from which we in my part of the state are suffering!

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