I Challenge Me

A tradition I again enjoyed was deciding which reading challenges I would take on for 2013.  Listed here, so far, are the ones I plan to attempt…

  • A-Z Challenge:  Already pondering…what to read for letters x and z?!  Know of any novels that begin with these letters that you might recommend?
  • Classic Double:  I participated in this one last year, only completing one double.  This year I am committing to three doubles or six novels, partially in hopes of reading more classical literature this year.
  • Historical Fiction Challenge:  In junior high years, I read so many of these books.  I can remember riding my bicycle to the library and checking out a stack of books each week.  I want to read these also to extend my background knowledge.  Plus, I have several on my shelf that I need to read.
  • Mount to Be Read:  I could not buy another book this year and not run out of good books to read just from those on my shelves.  Looking forward to “catching up” on these reads.
  • Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge:  This novel I want to read!  Happy birthday!  I have at least one other novel on my shelf that I can also read as part of this challenge to then read any novels written based on Pride and Prejudice.
  • Sequel Challenge:   I just came across this challenge this evening.  I can think of several series that I have begun and not completed…The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sookie Stackhouse, The Outlander, Ladybug Farm
  • What’s in a Name:  This is just a fun challenge in which you read books with particular words in the title.
  • My Challenge:  Professional Development Reads – ten
  • My Challenge:  Christian Development Reads – six
  • BHS Reads:  our high school book club – ten…just finished Divergent, our first read for 2013.
Yesterday, on our first day back to school, I was encouraging (via an assignment, of course!) my students to select their first independent read for this quarter (requiring two this grading period).  One of these two reads must come from their Reading Bucket Lists, an assignment we completed at the beginning of schools and posted on our blogs.  Here’s a link to my list.  Modeling, I showed them my list and affirmed that I had read two of my ten books listed so far, and because I attempt to complete all assignments with my students, I began to ponder on which book I might read first…the chosen book is Kisses from Katie.  Started it this evening…awesome, inspiring!  Click here to read Katie’s blog…very current, very moving, wow! And click here for more information on her website about her ministry.
As I was sharing with my students these book challenges, a friend and peer (who was in my room assisting me with a technology concern) commented that she, too, takes on a challenge each year.  A bit different than mine, she looks up top classic novel lists and reads 4-6 of those a year.  I could have hugged her neck!    her comment, “This challenges me to read books that I would not normally read.  I have enjoyed them.  They are classics for a reason.”
This cross-curricular support could not have come at a better time.  She then shared with them that her favorite series…The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…is one that she is reading daily during our DEAR time after lunch.  I had a student read an entire book during DEAR time last semester…15 minutes at a time…every other day.  When the time was up, he would turn and place the book on the shelf.  It never left the room, but he finished the book just before Christmas and wanted a recommendation for another book.  That is success!  That is one book he would not have read!
What reading goals do you have for 2013?  Happy reading!


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